A Wicked Man Creates an AWESOME Opportunity to Share the Gospel with the Lost

Todd Stave is the landlord of Germantown Reproductive Healthcare Services in Maryland where late term abortionist LeRoy Carhart now practices.  Stave is no Johnny come lately to the abortion camp.  He is the son of abortionist Carl Edward Stave, founder of the Germantown abortion mill and the Prince George Reproductive Health Services in Hyattsville, Maryland.  And Todd Stave’s sister, Nancy Stave Samuels is listed as the President of Germantown Reproductive Services.

When Stave leased office space to abortionist LeRoy Carhart the pro lifers in Maryland began to visit him at his home and office proclaiming the Gospel and the horrors abortion.  Stave reported on the “Rachel Maddow Show” that Christians called him at home and office to plead with him to get out of the abortion industry.  He neglected to talk about the time that he struck a handicapped protester, Peter Shinn, while he was peacefully videotaping the protest outside of the abortion mill.  The final straw for Mr. Stave was when the protesters went to his daughter’s middle school with the truth about abortion.  He decided to fight back.

He began a and a Facebook page and a web page called Voice of Choice that he used to rally pro aborts everywhere to call the pro lifers that were calling him.   He claims that his efforts were highly successful but the pro lifers in Maryland said that they got very few calls.

Today, what Todd Stave intended for evil was used to glorify God and blessed the pro lifers in Denver beyond measure.  Stave posted a call for action against Denver’s pro- lifers on his Facebook page that directed the reader to his web page  where he posted the phone numbers of several pro lifers, my husband Ken and I included.   His instructions to the callers provide an interesting insight into the kind of people that he knows will make the calls and what he knows about Christians.  He states, “When you call be polite and Christian-like in your tone and demeanor.”  In other words don’t act like your foul mouth heathen self, act like a Christian.   If Todd believes that pro lifers are bullies and pro aborts are the victims, why instruct them to act like the bullies?

Imagine our delight when we realized that the lost were calling us!  What an awesome opportunity to share the Gospel along with the truth about abortion.  Answering the phone is much easier than standing on the street or going door to door.  One woman who called admitted that she believes that late term abortion is murder.  She had no idea that Todd Stave rents to a late term abortionist.  Dozens of people, who otherwise would not have heard the Gospel, heard it today, thanks to Todd Stave.  There is just one problem; some of the Denver pro lifers that didn’t make the list are upset.  They want in on the phone witnessing bonanza too.

Just as I was wrapping up this story I checked the Voice of Choice Web site and found that Todd took our phone numbers down and replaced them with this, “If you would like a copy of the email with the names and phone numbers, please email todd@vochoice.org”  We’re not sure why he took the phone numbers off the site but maybe it was a talk show host contacting him that prompted the change of heart or the fact that he was reported to the FBI.  His new plan may backfire on him.  The calls are supposed the annoy us, but we welcome the opportunity to talk to the lost.  If he’s telling the truth and thousands are following him online, he will be kept very busy answering thousands of emails.  Has Todd found a way to annoy himself?  Now, that’s funny!


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